“When Hofmann synthesized the chemical in LSD, he stumbled upon a 4,000-year-old secret”
Carl A. P. Ruck, The Road to Eleusis (1978) on Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist known for his discovery of LSD, psilocybin, and psilocin.





A decentralized digital currency for psychedelic research

Lysergion is an experimental cryptocurrency with the purpose of progressing scientific research involving psychedelics in medical and therapeutic settings.

…and this is to be achieved through you!

Lysergion was designed for the psychedelic community. The benefits of psychedelic substances are being uncovered through the help of open-minded people like you! We are a project inspired by strong passion and interest in psychedelics. Through community, Lysergion is another way to raise awareness and understanding of psychedelic substances.


A growing list of planned goals…

  • Airdrop
  • Donations to MAPS
  • Growing adoption
  • Community nights
  • Real world presence
  • Long term support
To introduce Lysergion to the world we are a hosting an airdrop prior to the launch. The airdrop will be available to active members of Reddit, Bitcointalk, and psychedelic related communities.

Information on the airdrop is found at www.lysergion.com/airdrop.pdf

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is a non-profit organization working to raise awareness and understanding of psychedelic substances. We plan to run fundraisers and support their work starting from Lysergion’s release.
We anticipate the listing of Lysergion on exchanges to give the necessary traction in growing the coin. Alongside that, we welcome all who wish to help on our team and are eager to see what can be done with Lysergion.
Lysergion community meetups are every Saturday from 8 to 10 PM EST on Discord! Join our Discord through the “Discord” tab at the top of the site.
We are based in New York City and plan to attend and later host real world events to meet our community and promote psychedelic research.
Lysergion is a project we are working hard on and will continue to work hard on for as long as there is a demand. As a community we rely on each other to succeed and make a change. Being a sister to Bitcoin, Lysergion is a decentralized currency with no central control. The software is open source and open to all contribution.


Lysergion is still in the development stage… tell your friends and keep an eye out for the release sometime next month. In the meanwhile, check out www.maps.org.

  • Download for Windows (x86 x64)
  • Download for Linux (x86)
  • Download for macOS (x86)
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